Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So all day yesterday I was going to write a new blog but you know how it goes just busy busy. I had a lot of yard work to do like weed the garden and mow the lawn since today is water day. Went to dinner last night at Fosters for Rickeys birthday. It was good but took forever. When we got home I tried to work on scrapbooking but was just too tired. Wish I had more motivation for it. I did get my pictures separated into events with dates on them to help me when I do get to scrapbooking. Anyways I told myself I would try to incorporate something about the kids in this everyday so I can remember so lets see Owen is upstairs in my bed (his favorite place to sleep) sucking his thumb with his fee fee. That is his blankie or what is left of it. My grandma Ida made him these two receiving blankets when he was born one is green one is yellow. The green one only has a few strings left and the yellow one isn't far behind. His favorite is the green one but if he can't find it the yellow one will do. The only time he sucks his thumb is when he has one of them. When Ethan was little he had his gigi. It was a blue fleece bear blanket that Nancy Walsh gave me for my baby shower. He never did suck his thumb though. Well I guess I better get on with the day before the boys get up hope you all have a great day!

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