Saturday, August 1, 2009

Busy few days

I haven't written in a few days and I can't say I didn't think about it its just that everytime I came to the computer I forgot what I was doing, man kids are getting to me. Anyway not too much going on here just getting ready to go to the preparedness fair at the church. Not really sure what its all about but different things in case of a natural disaster and things like that. Last night we went over to Rickeys for his birthday party and it was nice. There was me, Cade and the kids, Brandi, Randy, Ash, Hunter and Oaklee, Tracy and Des and their kids, Joey and his kids, Zach, Kara and their kids, Marianne and Richard, Marilyn and Craig, and then Rickeys sister and her son Archer and his mom and dad Rick and Linda. I think that was all. Anyway I've been busy shopping on the internet for back to school stuff for the kids. You know trying to get the best deal here and there its taken a lot of time but a lot less time and sanity than trying to physically take them shopping especially in St George where it is over 100 degrees. Anyway I think they are all set I hope. There is a back to school party on Wednesday where Ethan gets to see his teacher for next year. I can't believe he is going to be in 2nd grade! I am getting old. Ya this month I turn 27. Wow! 26 isn't too bad cause your still mid 20's but you get to 27 and your upper 20's then pretty soon say goodbye to 20's here comes 30's. Oh dear I'm getting depressed. Oh well I guess I've done a lot in those 27 years. I'm trying to stay positive. I'm currently trying to think of what I want for my birthday and daily am reminding Cade my birthday is coming up or I know I won't get anything. Which sounds bad but it happens believe me what did I get for mothers day? .... I don't know you tell me cause I don't remember anything. Talk about feel low. Especially after having my third baby the month before with no epideral!!! Believe me Cade knows how I feel about this now! I told him we start not caring about each other now than what happens in the future...he got the message I hope. I'll keep you posted. I am thinking about a nice camera and software to take my own pics and edit them. I can't think of anything else I need. Well gift certificates are always nice but usually thats what Marianne gets me. Well kids are up now and are helpless so I better go do everything for them. Have a great day!!!!


  1. Dont feel bad about reminding him of your b-day I reminded Tom the whole time and he still didnt get me anything! His excuse was "well I walked around walmart for 2 hrs & didnt have a clue what to get you" whatever i still stand by my intial impression of the male race they are dumb & if you want something done your pretty much gonna have to fend for yourself! lol

  2. Just saw your comment sorry, wow men are all alike aren't they. Cade's excuse for no mothers day present was he was really busy. Oh but he thought about it and couldn't think of what to get me. I guess he thought nothing was better than what? nothing? I remind him daily k this many days til my birthday.. lol